piper | hartselle alabama lifestyle newborn photographer

i have so many goals for my life. some i have accomplished and some are waiting to be crossed off of my list.

i’ve always loved photography. it was never a goal for me to start as a business, it was just something i loved!!! i am so lucky to be able to do what i love and share my passion with so many people.

a few goals have been, photographing my own child {these goals were set before i was a mom}, photographing my nieces/nephews, giving the gift of photography to people who may not know they need it 🙂

i love nothing more than sharing the talents God has given me. He has made sure that my path was laid out, well before i knew what it was!!!

one goal that i had…was to someday photograph one of my best friends’ children. i’ve been able to do this a few times and it is always so special. i love getting to watch the girls i grew up with, blossom into motherhood. you see people in a different way once you’ve seen them with their child.

seeing katie as a mom makes my heart so happy. she has prayed and patiently waited for piper. piper truly is a gift from God. katie and zach are going to have their hands full with this cutie 🙂 but luckily piper has a big brother that will be SUPER protective, i’m sure!!! 😉



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