jackson is one | kansas city portrait session

i got to travel to kansas city missouri to see my niece and nephew over mother’s day weekend. i am so glad we got to go and celebrate mother’s day, as well as jackson’s first birthday!

i do not get to see my niece and nephew NEARLY enough! if i could, i would see them everyday. i love being aunt yoyo and my husband loves being uncle guk.

it is so hard being far away, but it makes the time that we do get to spend with them that much more special!!! this trip was especially fun because my son, walker, was old enough to actually play and do the same things that his big cousin, samantha does!

enough about our trip…let’s get to jackson’s portraits!

it was supposed to rain EVERYDAY that we were in kansas city except for saturday. fast forward to saturday…we had jackson’s birthday party and we were all EXHAUSTED by the time it was over…including jackson! we were NOT going to make him dress up and take pictures after his party. so we decided to do them on monday afternoon. it was a last minute, “hey, it’s sunny-LET’S GO!”

so we trudged down to the willow trees in between the apartments and got to snapping! luckily, the landscaping crew was done weed eating and mowing where we wanted to take jackson’s pictures.

i am so proud of how well jackson did! we spent maybe 15-20 minutes on these pictures and got SO many!

here are a few of my favorites…

2016-05-11_00072016-05-11_00052016-05-11_00042016-05-11_0006he look so much like his daddy here…except for the blonde hair.2016-05-11_0011in order to get jackson to do anything…you have to bribe with food 🙂 he likes to eat! so we put frosting on the letters to get him to hold them. we had to do the SAME thing with his sister when she turned one!2016-05-11_00082016-05-11_00092016-05-11_00122016-05-11_0010this is one of my favorite pictures. he was laughing at his daddy behind me…jumping up and down acting silly. i know that landscaping guys were entertained 😉 2016-05-11_0013jackson is just now starting to stand and balance on his own! i’m so proud of him!2016-05-11_00142016-05-11_0015we have all been saying that jackson looks like his uncle mason…and he does. in person. once you take a picture of jackson, he transforms into his daddy at that age!

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