living it up

some days i am so busy with work that i forget to eat lunch. walker and i play while he is awake, do our daily lesson, then during nap time i hit the computer! occasionally i get caught up on blogging and emails while he is awake in the morning. when we aren’t busy, i try to find new and fun things for us to do. we have a pool, so we can swim whenever…but i wanted to do something the other day that he can really only do while he is little.

i grabbed walker’s shampoo and a towel and said, “let’s take a tub-tub!” – if you know walker, you know that ANYTHING involving water is an immediate YES! the boy has gils somewhere, i’m sure of it.

well once he saw the bubbles in the kitchen sink he just couldn’t contain his excitement any longer! he played in the water until is wasn’t warm anymore. so obviously…we had to refill the sink 😉

he may not remember this when he is older…but he will have the pictures to look back on and remember that even though mom had to work a lot, we still did fun and crazy things!

i want to challenge anyone who reads this, to set aside a couple of hours…free from housework, the phone and social media, etc. to go out and do something fun and crazy with their kiddos! everyone needs to step back and re-evaluate why you had kids in the first place… 🙂 make their childhood fun and exciting so that when they’re adults, they can still chase fun and adventures!!!

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