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getting to snuggle babies and photograph them AND calling it a job…is a dream come true. squishy cheeks, chubby legs, flakey skin…i love it! add in an adorable sibling that loves being in front of the camera…and i could not ask for more! this session was such a breeze. mama knew that going to a relatives house, that is currently on the market, was our best bet for light and a clutter free environment. she was so right! it was the perfect location! beckett’s older brother, byson, was able to ride his big wheel around in the empty rooms while we finished up his ‘posed’ shots. we took a few funny ones too 🙂

2016-07-23_0008i always try to make pictures as painless as possible for dads! it’s in their nature to…not want to take pictures. i get it! my husband is the same way. he has to be bribed with something. we wanted to have everything ready so dad could just step in, take a few shots and then go play with his kiddo, and that’s just what we did. 15 minutes tops!2016-07-23_0003jeni was smart in bringing a few details with her. fun fact…noah, her husband, built this bed for them when they first got married. he’s a handy-man 😉2016-07-23_00112016-07-23_0001beckett spent about 80% of his session awake 🙂 which is okay when you have pretty eyes 🙂2016-07-23_0002byson LOVES his little brother! i just know these two will be wrestling as soon as beckett is able to hold himself up in a sitting position!2016-07-23_00072016-07-23_0010jeni’s mother made this crocheted red and white striped blanket. she had a matching navy blue diaper cover and hat with white stars on it…but beckett is a chunk 🙂 and they were a little…tight 🙂 jeni wanted to incorporate the red white and blue since beckett was born so close to the fourth of july!2016-07-23_0004byson was a DREAM to photograph! he was mesmerized with my camera 🙂 isn’t he precious?!2016-07-23_00052016-07-23_0006we may have worn byson out a little early on…i had him jump on the bed and he was riding his big wheel bike around…this is the “i’m too sleepy for pictures…” look
2016-07-23_0009this is a perfect example of how mom is with baby, and dad is with baby!!!!2016-07-23_0012

to keep byson busy while we took beckett’s wrap pictures…we had to send him with daddy for a snack. noah found some pistachios, and jeni and i laughed when we realized beckett was wrapped up EXACTLY like a pistachio!!!!!! so we took this one for giggles 🙂 but i think it is super cute and a fun little memory from our time together 🙂

jeni + noah…i love you guys and i love your boys so much! thank you for spending the evening with me!

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