friday introduction…a little more about me and my family

hi there!!! so i know that i have an entire about me section on my website…but who actually reads that? so i’m going to give a little friday introduction!!!!

i’m lauren and i am a sucker for love. i just love love…all types of love. speaking of love…i love spaghetti…who can relate?

this is me and my husband and our little peanut, walker. walker will be three in february. he is the light of our lives and the reason we wake up each morning! we’ve learned so much since he was born, not just about parenting but about life!huntsville-fine-art-wedding-photographer-fine-art-wedding-photographer-huntsville-alabama-wedding-photographer_0003my husband builds houses and i am an ex-nursing student 🙂 i graduated with my BS in Nursing, but i am not a registered nurse. this confuses most people. it wasn’t for me…i knew that my first couple of semesters in nursing school but i was in too deep to change my major and graduate before i was 50 🙂 so here we are…

i am now a wedding photographer that resides in alabama {i’ve always resided here…it just sounds fancy to say it like that!}. we live on a farm which is where i shoot 75% of my sessions. people request it because it is gorgeous here. i’m currently sitting on my front porch, watching the cows roam the pasture as the sun rises! i know…it’s heaven 🙂

my family has all moved away 🙁 older brother moved with his family to missouri, my younger brother moved to africa for a while {army dude} and now resides in washington {check out his wedding here} and my parents moved in september to florida…which is where i was born. so now i’m here…alone…fending for myself. haha just kidding! my sister in law and her family live next door, like, in our pasture 🙂 my husbands uncle lives at the base of our driveway with his family {don’t worry, it’s a house!} and my father in law just got married {check it out here!} and lives 10 minutes away. i’d say we’re all set 🙂

my husband and i like to spend our free time hanging out with our son, doing things we wished we could’ve done as kids or trying to travel! sometimes our traveling is only 20+ miles away to our farm where we like to spend weekends, but hey, our two year old doesn’t know it isn’t a vacation 😉 and that’s all that matters!

huntsville-fine-art-wedding-photographer-fine-art-wedding-photographer-huntsville-alabama-wedding-photographer_0001my husband is one of the goofiest, most loving, and passionate men you will ever meet. when he finds something he loves, he researches it, learns it, and then he becomes a master in it. we were both homeschooled, so we’re pretty self sufficient when it comes to finding out how to do something or learn something. he’s a carpenter during the day and a hunter in the wee morning hours. he hates mustard, loves crab legs {steamed} and doesn’t mind getting bucked off of horses. he carefully tosses his dirty clothes beside the hamper…but we’re working on that 😉

huntsville-fine-art-wedding-photographer-fine-art-wedding-photographer-huntsville-alabama-wedding-photographer_0002like i said, walker is the light of our lives. with him being almost 3 years old the never ending question is, “when are you guys going to have another one?”. i’m just wondering when people decided you have to have more than one child? i’m all for more babies…but right now, clint and i are in the prime of starting our own businesses and being able to spend our free time with walker. we don’t send him to daycare because with how my shooting is and clint’s schedule is…we can cover the extra time when the other has to work. right now, life is great and we never saw it turning out this way! if there is anything i love more than photographing weddings, it’s my husband and my baby 🙂


we’re planning on moving to a bigger farm in the next 8-10 years and have goals of being cattle farmers…hello pioneer woman! seriously though…she’s gonna be my neighbor one day. for real.

we have so many people tell us, “just what until you’re older and have more responsibilities”…ummm…i think we’re there! we plan our off days and soak them up with walker! this afternoon, when clint gets home from work, we are going to a pumpkin patch with my cousin brittney {who is also a fabulous makeup artist!!! – check out her work here and here} and her little family 🙂 i can’t wait!!!!

in this busy season of life, i cannot be more grateful for the time i have with my son, my husband and our families. so while i know things won’t slow down, they will only get busier, it prepares me for when the times do change…and i have to just stop and slow down and rethink…is it all worth it? – you bet it is!!!!huntsville-fine-art-wedding-photographer-fine-art-wedding-photographer-huntsville-alabama-wedding-photographer_0004

here are a few extra “about me” tid bits…

1} i love spaghetti – i’m italian, so this is a no brainer

2} i like watching dance moms … it’s my guilty pleasure

3} i’m obsessed with pirates of the caribbean…have you noticed my husband looks like orlando bloom when he played will turner?? 🙂 coincidence?

4} my nieces and my nephew stole what was left of my heart!

5} i live off of coffee…seriously though!

6} when i’m alone in my car…no one can match me…not even adele

7} i hate showing up to parties without something for the hostess or the birthday kiddo

8} i’m that person that reads a text and remembers to answer it 3, 4, 6, 12 days later!

9} 12 years ago, i thought i would be living in hawaii, single as a traveling nurse at this stage in my life 🙂 God had a plan…

10} i decided last year to make my photography business my ministry…and last year, my business took off in a direction i would’ve never dreamed!

***photos taken by my mother, Cissy T***


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