grandmomma’s rainbows

rainbows are special to my family. before we had walker, we miscarried our first baby at 11 weeks. it was one of the toughest things we had ever been through, but we know we went through it for a number of reasons. following our miscarriage, 4 of our friends had to deal with miscarriages as well. we were able to be there for them and help them through it. they had someone to talk about it with. it was a blessing in disguise. walker is our rainbow baby.

my mother in law, robbie, loved rainbows. i remember sitting on the porch one day with her and talking about the rainbow we saw over us in the sky. she was in awe.

she made beautiful stained glass artwork…she loved it! she had a shop set up in her garage and could spend hours in there working on her latest piece. she did not know she was creating memories for her grand babies…or maybe she did. 🙂

she passed away when walker was 7 months old. he knew who grandmomma was…but he didn’t get to really grow up with her and who remembers anything from when they were 7 months old? she was very sick towards the end and he wasn’t able to really interact with her as much, he was just learning to sit up and most days she was really too weak and tired to hold him for long, especially if he was in a squirmy mood.

we live in her old house…she built stained glass and had my father in law install it over the kitchen windows. i remember when she first made the pieces. they were still in the house at the time, and clint and i were dating. she was SO excited about them. and then she noticed it. she had misplaced two tiny pieces and the two ‘matching’ artwork pieces…did not match! it drove her crazy!


my husband always told her it was a ‘robbie coffey original’…no one could copy it because it was unique 🙂 i don’t know if that helped, but she did not act as though it bothered her that much after that 🙂

we love stained glass. those pieces in our windows are so special to us. walker absolutely loves it too! almost every morning he comes into the kitchen and says, “mama, ayn-bow”. i could not figure out for the longest time…what he was talking about! until i saw it.

when the light shines through the stained glass in the morning…it creates a rainbow. walker just sits in the rainbow and kicks his legs and giggles and gets so excited!! it is the cutest thing!

i highly doubt, when she was slaving away over these pieces of glass, with her glasses perched at the end of her tan nose…that one day, her grandson would get the biggest joy from his “ayn-bows”!

lauren-coffey-photography_0001lauren-coffey-photography_0002lauren-coffey-photography_0003i know that she is looking down, laughing at his little chubby legs while he dances in her rainbows 🙂

Revelation 10:1
Then I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven. He was robed in a cloud, with a rainbow above his head; his face was like the sun, and his legs were like fiery pillars.

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