juliette | huntsville alabama fine art senior photographer

juliette contacted me a while back about her senior portrait experience. she was so excited to start planning that we almost had everything planned the day after she booked! we had to reschedule her first session due to some last minute stuff, but the day we actually got to shoot was so beautiful! it was a little overcast with a gorgeous warm glow of the sun setting in the distance 🙂

juliette came to my house an hour and a half before her session and got all dolled up by brittney holladay, my hair and makeup artist. brittney chose a gorgeous rose gold eye shadow for juliette’s two casual looks and then amped it up for her dressy outfit towards the end. i am so in love with all of the shoes and outfits that juliette brought. she showed up with a suitcase of brand new clothes and a bin of shoes and said, “style me!”

i had clothes hanging everywhere in my living room and finally decided on 3 specific looks.

juliette had her boyfriend, dillan, meet us around the time we were shooting our first look and bring her puppy. her 58 lb puppy 🙂 marley.

juliette is a natural in front of the camera and i am so glad that we were able to spend the afternoon together during hair and makeup, cutting up and giggling and getting to know each other!!! our session went so smooth 🙂 i am so grateful to be able to photograph seniors that have a love for photography like i do!!!lcp-huntsville-alabama-fine-art-senior-photographer-huntsville-alabama-senior-photographer-fine-art-photographer_0010lcp-huntsville-alabama-fine-art-senior-photographer-huntsville-alabama-senior-photographer-fine-art-photographer_0001lcp-huntsville-alabama-fine-art-senior-photographer-huntsville-alabama-senior-photographer-fine-art-photographer_0007lcp-huntsville-alabama-fine-art-senior-photographer-huntsville-alabama-senior-photographer-fine-art-photographer_0004lcp-huntsville-alabama-fine-art-senior-photographer-huntsville-alabama-senior-photographer-fine-art-photographer_0002lcp-huntsville-alabama-fine-art-senior-photographer-huntsville-alabama-senior-photographer-fine-art-photographer_0012lcp-huntsville-alabama-fine-art-senior-photographer-huntsville-alabama-senior-photographer-fine-art-photographer_0008lcp-huntsville-alabama-fine-art-senior-photographer-huntsville-alabama-senior-photographer-fine-art-photographer_0005lcp-huntsville-alabama-fine-art-senior-photographer-huntsville-alabama-senior-photographer-fine-art-photographer_0003lcp-huntsville-alabama-fine-art-senior-photographer-huntsville-alabama-senior-photographer-fine-art-photographer_0011lcp-huntsville-alabama-fine-art-senior-photographer-huntsville-alabama-senior-photographer-fine-art-photographer_0006lcp-huntsville-alabama-fine-art-senior-photographer-huntsville-alabama-senior-photographer-fine-art-photographer_0013

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