summer is coming!!!

it’s almost here! the april showers in may are proof of that! summer is almost here and we are so excited over here 🙂 we’ve been having dinner on our back porch a lot, playing in the sprinkler, cleaning the pool (it’s finally ready!!!), planting a few flowers and getting outside every chance we get!

while mine and my husband’s business have recently both taken off on a big journey…we are so thankful for the opportunity to stay home with our son, while still being able to serve our people. my husband builds houses and does remodels and carpentry work, i’m a photographer (obviously!)…so we cater to two different groups of people. but while running two businesses, we’ve learned to lean on each other when it gets a little overwhelming. we’ve learned to ask each other for help, guidance, advice…we’ve taken time to go on date nights, as well as do things with walker we wouldn’t normally have the chance to do.

this little excited face is why we do what we do 🙂 we’re building a legacy for this kiddo. i hope one day, he understands why we worked so hard while he was napping, or why we had so many phone calls during our snack break. he makes the hard work worth it 🙂

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