bryson | one year | huntsville alabama photographer

when our best friends told us they were pregnant…we were so excited! they were there for us through our first pregnancy, first miscarriage and then for our pregnancy with our son walker! they got to see our ugliest days and our most wonderful, joyous times. we stood by their sides as they said their wedding vows, helped them move the heaviest mattresses i’ve ever lifted…up three flights of stairs, and then back down again when they moved. we’ve watched them go through different cars, different life stages and even had to wave good bye through our tears as we watched them pull down our driveway 3 years ago when they moved off to south carolina…leaving us behind in alabama. i wasn’t able to be there, in person, during some of the hardest times these two faced while in south carolina. but we were always there… we’ve prayed for this kiddo, loved on this kiddo and we are so excited to get to watch him grow up! but mostly…i like watching these guys figure out parenthood 🙂

brittney and alex…we love you guys! thank you for letting us love bryson the way that we do!

happy first birthday bryson!!! we love you, your chunky thighs and your toothy grin!

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