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if there is one thing that i stress at my bridal consultations, it is portrait time! even though on the timeline, we set aside 20-30 minutes for bridal party portraits…that doesn’t mean you will always get that much time. if your bridal party is running late for some reason, that time has to come from somewhere! i defiantly don’t want to shave time off of my bride and groom portrait time. i try to maximize the time i do have with my bride and groom alone. for that reason, i ask for a minimum of 30 minutes throughout their entire wedding day for just portraits of them! if they’re willing to give me more…i’ll take it! on average, after 30 minutes of portrait time with my bride and groom, they will receive anywhere from 100-250 portraits of just them! some people may think this is way too much, but I want to supply them with MANY portraits of themselves so they can accurately remember their day and when it comes time to designing their album they have plenty of options. not to mention…this is some of the only time they will have alone on their wedding day.

i like to maximize our portrait locations as well. i will choose 3-5 different locations on the wedding day (depending on the quality of light in those spaces!) and take portraits there. i don’t want to spend the wedding day running my couple all over their venue and not have much to show for it. i try to maximize our time, our location and the light! if we hit a spot with gorgeous light…you better believe i’m going to keep my couple there!!! why mess up a good thing?!

so when you’re planning your wedding day, sit down with your photographer and talk about a first look, how you want family portraits to go, what time of day you should have your ceremony, where you would like to start portraits, if there is a must have shot in a specific spot for your wedding day. when you can sit down and talk about all of those factors, everything will start to come together and you create your perfect timeline!!!

i have a standard first look timeline that all of my brides have access to in their bridal guide. once we go through it and talk about the factors above, we create a personalized timeline for their wedding day! this timeline gets sent out 2 months before their big day so they can get it out to all of their team members…hair and makeup, caterer, bridal party, etc. it helps keep everyone on the same page without stressing the day of!

if you’re interested in creating a perfect timeline for your wedding day, i would love to sit down and help you through that! i am still booking 2018 brides and would love to add you to the #lcpbrides family!!!

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