wrenley | huntsville alabama fine art newborn photographer

i went to nursing school before starting my career as a photographer. i have never liked the feel of a hospital. i’ve never enjoyed going. i do not know many people who do. the thought of living out the rest of my life spending a good portion of my time in a hospital, was a little unsettling to me. however…my time doing clinicals on the pediatric unit and the mommy and me unit…was so fun!!! if i had to be in a hospital, i would want to be surrounded by babies and their sweet mamas!

wrenley came into this world a champ. the doctors all told her parents that she was going to be tiny. they were hoping she would break the 6 lb mark, but they didn’t sound convinced that she would. well…wrenley surprised them all and came it at over 7 lbs. not big, by any means! but she has already surpassed expectations 🙂 so that’s a strong girl right there.

wrenley’s parents already have a son. sweet tucker! he’s my man 😉 he is going to be such a good big brother! he’ll definitely keep her entertained! i hope wrenley’s parents are ready for their world to be turned upside down…they’re now parents to a gorgeous little girl. everything they see for the next few months will be pink, lacey and probably have some type of glitter or sparkle to it!

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