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I wrote a blog post on this not too long ago…it was How I approach the Wedding Day Details. It’s a very popular post on my blog too!

I like to inform my brides at the consultation what items I typically photograph during the details time slot of their wedding day. So in case you don’t have one of my 76 page bridal guides…here is a little blog post to help you be prepared for your wedding photographer on your wedding day!

Let’s dive right in…shall we?

my bridal guide has a spread simply devoted to the items you should have ready for your wedding photographer when they arrive. this makes the day go by smoother because they aren’t constantly bugging you, “hey, where are your shoes?” … “do you have all the rings with you?”

I think simpler is always better…so I try to over prepare my brides for their wedding day! then they can get their hair and makeup done in peace, while I work on curating their gorgeous details.

By giving my brides a very specific list…it shows them what I typically photograph. That way I don’t end up with hundreds of tiny details to photograph that never end up in the wedding album. the main things to remember to have together are:

1} the rings! i need all three of them with the bride in order to get the close up ring shots we include in the wedding album. this is really the only chance during the day i get that amount of time too!

2} the dress and the veil. brides typically decide on their wedding day if they are going to wear their veil or not. i chose the morning of my wedding not to wear mine. this is a great opportunity for me to photograph it with the dress, and alone. that way if the bride doesn’t wear it…it isn’t a big deal 🙂

3} bouquet! i request that the bride have the florist bring the bouquet (bridesmaids too!!!) at the beginning of the day when I will be there. it is one of my favorite places to photograph wedding rings and earrings, so it’s a must have!

4} invitation suite. this is very important! this is the first detail the bride’s wedding guests see…it gives them an idea of how to dress for the wedding…how fancy is it? does the suite match the theme of the day? i also like to photograph the rings on the invitation with the groom’s last name on it 🙂

one last tip is to have a box…a special box that you devote to keeping your details in! that way you aren’t searching last minute for a walmart or target bag to keep everything contained!

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