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as a mother myself, i am not crazy about having my picture taken. i’m never 100% happy with how i look. i’m way too picky. but there is something magical about a motherhood mini session. this was my own gift from my husband for mother’s day and i will forever cherish photos of myself with my boys. just enjoying being a mommy.

motherhood is not easy and it is definitely not for the faint of heart. motherhood is messy. it’s full of laughter, tears, boo boos, sad faces, giggles, chubby messy hands, kisses, snuggles, goldfish lost forever in the couch and muddy shoes. but it is so glorious! being a mother is such a gift and it is one that i thought i would never be given.

before my oldest son, walker, was born i was pregnant. my husband and i were so excited! our first baby! the first appointment at the doctor went great. we got to see our little baby on the ultrasound screen. we announced it to friends and family and we just could not wait! a week after we announced our news, i miscarried our first child. i was devastated. it was so tough. i had family members and friends that were pregnant at this time, so seeing them was just a sad reminder of what my body had failed to do.

fast forward two months later and we found out about our son walker. we were so cautious and we made sure to cherish every moment of my pregnancy with him because we knew how quickly it could all go away. in 2017, a week before my motherhood mini sessions, i miscarried again. that time around, it was a little different. i was still devastated but i almost kind of expected it. i wasn’t feeling great and i just had a feeling something wasn’t right.

through my pain and sorrow i was able to love on so many mommies that came to me for their sessions and i was able to document their love for their babies in a way that i knew they would cherish forever.

a motherhood mini session is not a perfectly posed session. it’s messy. just like motherhood. it involves picking weeds, dirty little fingers, sweaty faced kisses and snuggles with a wriggling kiddo, or two or three!!! it’s short and sweet and to the point. it will be over before you know it. just like their childhood. they grow so quickly. kiddos that came to me with their mothers two years ago for these images now have siblings or are expecting siblings. they’re getting dethroned. but they will always have these images of them with their mommy.

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