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why do i only take on a few portrait sessions per month? i’ve said this before on social media and i get so many emails and private messages about why i choose to run my business this way. and that is just it. it’s a business. i love photography, with my whole heart! i love photographing love, seniors, couples, families, babies, etc. all of it! it’s my passion. but it is not my life. it’s a love of my life, but so is my family! i love being able to go somewhere with my boys on a saturday morning, because i’m not working. i also love waking up on a saturday morning and packing my wedding gear up. but i don’t want to do that every saturday!

i limit my portrait sessions because i am primarily a wedding photographer. that is what my business is focused on and what i market for. do i still do other types of photography? yes yes yes! because i can’t get enough of it! i love being behind a camera. it brings me joy 🙂

i’ve been told, by so many people that if i would just lower my prices i would be busier! i laugh at them. i don’t want to be busier. i like my time at home, i like being able to edit a session and not have to worry about the other 17 sessions i have left to edit. i like getting my clients full gallery to them in 2 days. trust me, they like it too! another reason i limit my portrait sessions is because i can only take on so many portraits before it starts to interfere with my brides and grooms and their engagement sessions. about 95% of my brides and grooms work 40+ hours a week or attend school everyday of the week. they can’t just pick up a weekday evening session time and go with it. they need a weekend. so my weekends that are free of weddings, are blocked off for family time and my brides and grooms for engagement sessions. that’s why if i offer a mini session, it is offered for a weekday afternoon/evening!

i also limit my portrait sessions because i don’t take on every client that inquires with me. i know as soon as i read their inquiry form if we are a good fit for each other or if i should refer them to someone else. i want to be sure that my clients and i mesh well and have the same goals for their portrait session. so no, i don’t crank out 60+ sessions a year. i want my clients to know that they are my main focus while i’m with them and working on their images.

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