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one of the quickest ways to make your wedding photographer the happiest person at your wedding is to add extra portrait time for the bride and groom! this is my absolute favorite part of the wedding day…followed very closely by details and bridal party portraits.

by adding in extra portrait time on your wedding day you’re showing your photographer how much you appreciate them and know that their time is valuable and your investment in them comes from a place of trust! as a wedding photographer, i have to think quick. that includes during romantic portraits on the wedding day…just in case i only get 10 minutes with my couple alone, i have to make those 10 minutes count and be confident that i can deliver a swoon worthy set of images to my brides and grooms. however, extra portrait time is always welcome! i love to steal my bride and groom away for 5-10 minutes during their reception, while guests are eating and visiting with the family, so we can go out into the gorgeous golden light of sunset and have some beautiful portraits taken!

not only is extra portrait time welcome, it is encouraged! think about it…you’re getting married in april. april is known for it’s rainy tendencies. you had your first look and it was a little cloudy. maybe even dreary. but you were able to squeeze in 10 minutes of portraits with your soon to be spouse. the reception rolls around a few hours later and that dreary icky look of the sky is gone! you have a beautiful post rain sunset that is just begging to be photographed. do not let this sunset go unnoticed! even just 5 minutes in this glowy light can transform your wedding gallery in so many ways. you will get a huge variety of portraits and it is so worth that 5 minutes of absence at your reception.

so before i share some beautiful sunset and glowy images from past wedding days…let me share a few reasons why you may want to consider adding in a little more portrait time on your wedding day.

  • you get an extra 10-15 minutes alone with your love, without anyone bothering you
  • you will receive more romantic portraits
  • you’ll be adding variety to your wedding gallery
  • you will have an additional spread in your album devoted to sunset portraits/extra portrait time
  • because you love your photographer 😉

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