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this happens at every session! whether it is an engagement session, a family session, or maternity. there is always one image they just have to have! this could scare most photographers, especially if it is something that isn’t what they consider “their norm”. typically, for engagement sessions, it’s a portrait with their dogs! dogs are a little tricky to photograph, but there are a few tricks. alee and justin wanted just one good picture with both of their pups. they were smart about the planning process too! they brought hot dogs in a ziplock, already cut up to give to the dogs for treats. they brought their harnesses, since we were going to be in a crowded area. they also brought along a third person to help hold the leashes when we weren’t photographing the dogs. these three things may sound simple, but they’re game changers if you want your pups to cooperate!

so when your client asks for a special shot before hand, try planning it out for the easiest way to execute it! think of a few ways to make that shot easier, or think of a way to make it possible without your client having to stress about it!

sometimes a special shot request for a wedding is as simple as a four generation photo. occasionally the great grandparent isn’t as mobile, so planning ahead you will know to have a location that is close to where the majority of the guests are, you’ll know you need to have a chair handy or have the portrait be a “sitting” portrait so everyone is comfortable. planning ahead will make these images that much more special to your client because you took their wishes into consideration and executed it in a way that only a professional would!

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