tips for shooting the ring | wedding wednesday

shooting the ring at an engagement session can be overwhelming, but if you go into it with a plan…it can be so fun! so i am going to share a few tips that i keep in mind while shooting the ring!

one} try to compliment the colors of your couples outfits or their wedding colors. if your couple is wearing a unique outfit with a unique pattern, try shooting the ring on the bride’s dress or the grooms cool shirt once they change from that outfit. i’ve done this with a pretty floral dress more times than i can count!

two} choose a lighter background. by choosing a lighter background, you can keep the image a little more neutral and the final result will look good next to the majority of your couple’s images in a blog post!

three} find pretty light! you can’t make this up on the fly…but a really good shaded area with a clear area of light behind you and your camera is ideal! if the spot you’ve chosen doesn’t have shade and it is in direct sunlight, have one of your clients stand in path to shade the ring. if you’re using a macro lens, you only need a small area to make this happen!

four} remind your bride to get their ring cleaned! this is important for using a macro lens. you can pick EVERYTHING up on a macro. even a tiny fuzzy that you can’t see with your naked eye, it will show up on a ring shot!

five} the last tip is to use a macro lens or a macro filter for one of your longer focal length lenses (the 85mm with a macro is ideal!). you want to focus on the prongs of your ring and shoot with very few distractions so the ring is the main focus of your image!

below, i’m sharing just a FEW of my favorite ring shots from wedding days and engagement sessions!

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