Your wedding day is about you.

Your love story. Your new beginning.

I'd love to give you beautiful photos to document your special day.

Hey there! I'm Lauren. I'm so happy you're here.

i am a wife, mother, dreamer, believer in christ, and lover of photography! i live each day knowing that god is in control and i want to live a life that is pleasing and glorifying to him.

i live on a 200 acre farm full of peace and quiet and i would not have it any other way. i love watching my two boys grow up in a wide open area where they can just run and play!

i am a full time mom to the two sweetest little boys you will ever meet. my boys and my husband are my full time job. photography was a part time love that has quickly become my second full time job!

i have loved photography since i was a little girl.

lauren coffey is a luxury photographer with the privilege of curating

marriage + motherhood

through beautiful and timeless imagery

Your phone might be your only camera and it's more likely filled with photos of your kids. You want to capture every moment! I would imagine that most of your photos are blurry, the lighting is poor, and you have far more images than you will ever print. But you know what's missing? You! Mom! You're not in the portraits because you're the one taking are your family's memory curator. Maybe you don't feel "picture ready" most days and avoid being in front of the camera. Take one day, a day with. me and my camera, to change all of that. Capture memories of you with your babies for YOU and for your babies to look back on one day when they have their own babies.

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at the end of 2016

i made the terrifying decision to follow my dream of being one of the best wedding photographers in my area. i had photographed weddings before and just never really pushed myself. i loved it, but i never marketed myself as a wedding photographer.

in 2016, i decided i was not only going to pursue weddings, but i was going to pursue a new style...a new market. i consider myself a hybrid photographer because i love the way that film looks and i love incorporating film into my professional. i love that you don't get that instant gratification of looking at the back of your screen. i love the sound that the shutter makes, i love the sound of the film loading. i love that the images i am taking with my camera, are going to end up in an heirloom album or as a matte fine art print. i love that i am pushing my clients to think about more than a digital file and more than a cd of images that is going to be placed in a drawer and forgotten.

i've been so blessed to be featured on a few blogs, in a magazine and on instagram a few times. i am so grateful for this stage in my life where i can be a stay at home mom and still pursue my dream.

thank you to all of my portrait clients and all of my sweet brides!

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